Friday, February 28, 2014

2014 Legislature: Canal Safety Amendments

Representative Johnny Anderson has introduced House Bill 370 (HB 370), entitled "Canal Safety Amendments."  The bill would require the State Engineer to make and maintain an inventory list of all open canal/ditch systems in the state.  For each system, the list would include the alignment of the canals and ditches, the contact information for the owner, the maximum flow of the system, whether the system is used for storm water management, and whether a management plan has been adopted for the system.  The bill would allow the State Engineer to contract with the Utah Association of Conservation Districts to perform these duties, and would require the State Engineer to contract with the Association to provide technical support to canal owners who are adopting a management plan.  The bill would also modify the definition of a "water conveyance facility."  Current law exempts fully piped pressurized systems from the definition, but this bill would also exempt fully piped systems that are not pressurized.

To read a full copy of the bill, as amended, click here.