Monday, June 22, 2009

How to Search for Utah Water Rights

The Utah Division of Water Rights maintains a very useful website that contains information about every water right in Utah. There are several different ways to search for information on a water right on the website.

The easiest way to search is by water right number. If you know the water right number, simply click here, enter the water right number, and hit “Submit Query.” This will bring up the database summary for the water right.

If you don’t know the water right number, but you do know the name of the water right owner, click here, enter the owner name, and click “Display Results.” If the owner is an individual, enter the last name first, then the first name (separate the last name and the first name with a comma). If the owner is a business entity, enter the entity’s name.

If you don’t know the water right number or the owner name, but you know the name of the river, stream, spring, or other source, you can search by the source name. Click here, select “Text Search on Source of Supply,” enter the source name, then click “Display Results.”

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