Saturday, December 19, 2009

What Are the Regional Offices of the Utah Division of Water Rights?

To assist the State Engineer in administering the water rights in Utah, the Division of Water Rights has divided the state into seven regions. Each region has an office with a Regional Engineer and staff.

Northern Regional Office (Logan)
Regional Engineer: Will Atkin

Weber River/Western Regional Office (Salt Lake City)
Regional Engineer: Ross Hansen

Utah Lake/Jordan River Regional Office (Salt Lake City)
Regional Engineer: Teresa Wilhelmsen

Eastern Regional Office (Vernal)
Regional Engineer: Bob Leake

Southeastern Regional Office (Price)
Regional Engineer: Marc Stilson

Sevier River/Southern Regional Office (Richfield)
Regional Engineer: Kirk Forbush

Southwestern Regional Office (Cedar City)
Regional Engineer: Nathan Moses

To find out which region you are in, you can reference this map.

For contact information for each regional office, click here.

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