Monday, February 8, 2010

2010 Legislature: More Stream Access Bills

Two more bill files have been opened at the Utah legislature regarding stream access.

Senator Curtis Bramble has opened a bill file that has been numbered Senate Bill 267 (SB 267) and is entitled "Public Access to Stream Beds."

Representative Kay McIff has opened a bill file that has been numbered House Bill 141 (HB 141) and is entitled "Recreational Use of Public Water on Private Property."

Both bills were numbered without substance, so it is still unknown exactly what is in the bills. It has been rumored that Representative McIff's bill will essentially overturn the Utah Supreme Court decision in Conatser v. Johnson.

Two steam access bills have already been proposed: House Bill 80 by Representative Lorie Fowlke and House Bill 290 by Representative Curt Webb.

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