Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 Legislature: Repeal of Phosphorus Limit

Representative Stephen Sandstrom has introduced House Bill 246 (H.B. 246) entitled "Repeal of Phosphorus Limit in Dishwashing Detergent." The bill seeks to repeal Utah Code section 19-5-24, which was enacted by the Utah Legislature in 2008. Section 19-5-24 prohibits the sale of household dishwashing detergents that contain 0.5% or more phosphorus by weight. The purpose of the law is to keep phosphorus out of Utah's waterways because it causes algae blooms. Recently, however, people have been complaining that the new detergents with lower levels of phosphorus are not getting their dishes clean. These complaints may be the impetus for this bill.

To read HB 246, click here.

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