Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Water Rights Addendum

Beginning July 1 of this year, a person submitting a deed to a county recorder's office may also submit an attached "Water Rights Addendum" (also commonly referred to as a "Deed Rider"). These Water Rights Addenda were originally approved by House Bill 314, passed by the Utah legislature in 2010, which added Section 57-3-109 to the Utah Code.

There are two different forms. The Water Rights Addendum to Land Deeds allows the seller of real estate to specify what water rights (if any) are being conveyed with the land. The Water Rights Addendum to Water Deeds allows the seller of a water right to include additional specification about the water right (or portion of water right) conveyed.

The Water Rights Addenda will be an invaluable tool in clarifying water rights conveyed as part of a real estate transaction. Oftentimes in real estate transactions, there is little or no thought given to the water rights conveyed. Many of the water rights disputes I deal with could have been prevented if the buyer and seller had thought about and specified the water rights conveyed (or not conveyed). The Addenda will go a long way in reducing disputes associated with appurtenance and unclear ownership of water rights--if the Addenda are used correctly.

Even though the Addenda are not required, any buyer or seller of land or water rights will want to use the Addenda, and all real estate agents, title agents, and others involved in real estate transactions should understand and utilize the Addenda. If you are buying or selling land or water rights, it would be wise for you to insist on a Water Rights Addendum being included with the deed.

As a note, an additional bonus of the Addenda is that they can save you the cost of a Report of Conveyance. Under the statute, each county recorder is to forward recorded Addenda to the Division of Water Rights' title department. If the water right owner on the Division's records is the same person as the grantee in the Addendum, the Division will update title without having to file a Report of Conveyance.

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