Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Special Master Appointed

In a prior blog post, it was noted that the Utah Division of Water Rights had requested that the Third District Court appoint a Special Master to assist in resolving objections in the Utah Lake/Jordan River general adjudication. The process of selecting a Special Master has been ongoing for several months. Today, Judge Laura Scott issued an order appointing a Special Master. Rick L. Knuth was selected to serve as the Special Master.

The Special Master's duties, as provided by the order, include:
1--Actively manage objections, including scheduling, notifying the parties, holding status and settlement conferences, and holding hearings.
2--Encourage the parties to settle matters in dispute.
3--Designate subcases within the general adjudication case.
4--Identify the parties affected by a proposed settlement, provide notice to the affected parties, and hear objections to a proposed settlement.
5--Take evidence, oversee discovery, rule on procedural motions, and rule on substantive motions with a report and recommendation to the court.
6--Prepare a final report and recommendation for each subcase containing findings of fact and conclusions of law.

For more information about the Special Master selection process, click here.

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