Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Are the Policies for the Water Right Areas in Utah?

For administrative purposes, the Utah Division of Water Rights divides the state into a number of areas. In a water right number, the digits preceding the hyphen identify the area in which the water right is located. For example, a water right starting with “25-” is located in Area 25, which covers Cache County.

Each area has a page that contain information and policies that are specific to that area. You can view the area information and policies by accessing the area map located here, then clicking on the area that you wish to read more about.

Area pages contain the following information:
Description: explains the boundaries of the area and important characteristics of the area.
Management: describes decrees, proposed determinations, distribution systems, groundwater management plans, compacts, and other documents that relate to the management and distribution of water in the area.
Sources: describes the appropriation policies for the area (i.e., whether the area is open to appropriation of surface water or groundwater), as well as policies related to change applications.
General: describes which newspaper(s) notices are published in, the irrigation duty for the area, and other information.
References: contains links to groundwater studies, hydrologic data, and other studies and publications relating to the area.
Map: shows the boundaries of the area and the cities/towns located in the area.

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